Terraformed Earth

My climate fiction series Terraformed Earth is a vision of a different kind of dystopia.

Most cli fi writers have a strange notion that humanity could render Earth uninhabitable. Our recent climate has been interglacial. We’re still in an ice age, the Quaternary (2.6 Mya-present), the latest of the five major glaciations in Earth’s history. The Holocene, the latest interglacial, has lasted about 11 thousand years. There has been life on Earth continuously throughout all the glaciations.  Humans don’t really have the ability to destroy life on the planet.  Human life, maybe. Human civilization, certainly. Terrraformed Earth is a vision of an Anthropocene future where humans strive to maintain an environment that has been purchased at an incomprehensible price.

In Terraformed Earth, the environment in the thirty-third century has been restored to a pristine state and humanity all but erased. This was done by a deliberate act of genocide perpetrated by the Young, a tiny cadre of thirty-four gene-modified humans who value the biosphere above humanity. They’ve kept normal humans around to do the reclamation work but plan to eliminate them when remediation is complete.

In Terraformed Earth – New Millennium, Ignatius Ryan, a Jesuit priest, was banished to the future in cryosleep by his Church to quiet a theological controversy. After a millennium in a spacecraft on a cometary orbit, he arrives to an Earth rich in life but devoid of compassion. After Ignatius meets a small band of survivors living in the Ozark forest, his’ companion AI Grace hacks into a network of military satellites and fires a laser at the ground to impress them. This draws the attention of the hidden city of S’Loo and its rulers, who see Ignatius as a threat and want him dead. With Morna, a survivor who seduces him, Ignatius must struggle against the Young and their acolytes to survive and prevent the final extinction of humanity.

In Terrraformed Earth – Discovery, Ignatius and Morna flee S’Loo to find refuge on the edge of the Great Plains in Kaycee, not one of the Seventeen Cities of the Young. But Kaycee is not the safe harbor they expected. When they find feral humans living in the forest near Kaycee, liable to extinction if the Young learn of their existence, Ignatius and Morna are torn between ensuring their own survival and trying to derail humanity’s rush toward apocalypse.

My WiP novel Terraformed Earth—Evolution deals with the struggle of the Young  to come to terms with Ignatius’ ideas of compassion. Leo, a disciple of Ignatius, travels to spread Ignatius’ vision to the Seventeen Cities around the globe. Selloi, a disgraced member of the Young, wrestles with reconciling compassion with the Young’s belief that only their control prevents humanity from destroying Earth’s environment once again. Ansan, the eldest of the Young, tries to create a legacy as she steers the Young toward a sustainable vision of the future. Everyone tries to decide the future of Iris, Ignatius’ and Morna’s daughter, in this rapidly changing world.

Terraformed Earth – New Millennium, and  Terrraformed Earth – Discovery, are both available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.

The story of how this future came to be is available on Amazon in two short eBooks.

Terraformed Earth – Departure is the story of how a millennium before, Ignatius Xavier Ryan, a Jesuit priest, was banished into the distant future to resolve a theological controversy. The Cardinal who sent him couldn’t have imagined the future Ignatius would find.

Terraformed Earth – Creation is the story of how the future came to be. Eighty years after Ignatius’ banishment, a group of geneticists modifed their own children for high intelligence and centuries-long lifespan, hoping it would give them the perspective needed to solve the ongoing climate crisis. It worked, but not in the way they expected.

Terraformed Earth is only one possible future in which the Earth’s climate can be restored to Holocene perfection. It’s a different kind of dystopia—one with a future.