Worlds of Sol

Worlds of Sol is a future I invented during a writing course. I now have set two WiP novels (The Revolt on Mars and Fire in the Sky)  and several short stories  (Dust Bunnies, Martian Requiem, Leaving Mars)  in this future. The premise is that the United Nations, renamed United Nations of Sol, provides humanity with an outward looking frontier in space for all nations of Earth. This manages to reduce intranational tensions and the risk of war. New human habitations on the Moon, Mars, Ceres, Vesta, and some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn become member nations and the organization manages all of extraTerrene space.

In this imagined future the UNS creates centers for resource extraction and manufacturing in the L4 and L5 points of the Earth-Moon system, removing major pollution producers into space. It manages the transfer of the vast store of nuclear weapons from Earth to a secure site at the Earth-Moon L2 point. This makes environmental remediation possible as the population stabilizes at a much lower level. Of course, humans being humans, conflict simply morphs into different forms. Elites struggle for control of the Lagrangian clusters. People from different ethnic groups band together in the worlds off of Earth and struggle for control of their destinies.

Fire in the Sky is the story of Wilcox Lafontaine, the entrepreneur who pioneers the use of nuclear warheads to move asteroids, He struggles against the opposition of a businessman who has a monopoly on Earth-crossing asteroids that Wilcox’s methods would upend. The Revolt on Mars tells the story of the second rebellion by workers imported from Earth to terraform Mars against the UNS elite who control their lives. The first rebellion was put down by UNS Marines in a spaceborne landing on Thaumasia Planum. Die-hard rebels plan to smuggle an unregistered nuclear weapon to Mars to threaten UNS control in a second revolt. Jack Jackson, in pursuit of his lost love Ellen, derails the smuggling plan and then heads for Mars to protect Ellen from reprisals.

In Dust Bunnies,  the UNS converts Vesta into a generation ship for an expedition to Proxima Centauri. On their way to their destination the Vestans encounter life forms that evolved in the Oort cloud before the Earth cooled. It’s the first encounter in what could be a millennia-long war fueled by misunderstanding. A grandfather tells his young granddaughter how war was averted.

In Martian Requiem, a young man leaves his home in Acadia, an independent farm in Eos Chaos, because he couldn’t accept his father’s religion. Now he learns his father is dying and returns to the farm. Once there  he learns the future of the farm and of a significant part of the terraforming project depends on his father’s legacy.

In Leaving Mars, a teenaged boy and girl  have to flee Brook Farm, an independent farm in the outer reaches of Coprates Chasma, to escape her abusive father. The father learns of their plans and vows to prevent them from leaving. To succeed in escaping, the boy has to drive a vacuum tractor through rugged terrain at night, with her father in hot pursuit.

I am working on having all of these published. Stay tuned.