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Welcome to Inigo Press! Inigo Press is a sandbox where my words come out to play. I always wanted to be a writer but have been too busy to do anything about it but dream. Or so I told myself. Now I’m retired and I decided to dive down the rabbit hole of writing. Like Alice, I’m constantly amazed about what I find.

When I was working and giving presentations, where other speakers mentioned their careers I alluded to my checkered past. Since adolescence I have been, at various times, a firefighter, a Jesuit novice, a Naval Aviator, a medical school professor, a university administrator, a manager of a state-backed venture investment fund, an entrepreneur and, most recently, a retiree. I did learn one thing from my time flying off aircraft carriers at night in bad weather. If you know you’re going home alive at the end of the day, whatever you’re doing isn’t high risk. If you try to publish your writing there is the risk of rejection, failure, ridicule. See above

A lot, but not all, of what I write will be science fiction.  I first started reading science fiction and fantasy a long, long time ago in a place that now seems far, far away. I made my first stab at writing science fiction when I was nine years old. The title of my opus was The Subseaquent [!?] King, modelled after a Tom Swift Jr. novel about a submarine. It was obvious to me even then that it was horrible. Maybe my later Navy career chasing subs was a reaction. They’re very hard to catch.

I invite you to read and comment on whatever you find. You won’t hurt my feelings but I am not interested in gratuitous nastiness so those posts will end up on the cutting room floor. It impresses me that John Scalzi grades his hate mail, but I can’t be bothered. Real critiques, even harsh ones, I’ll post for reactions.

At a time when I was commuting between Kansas City and Baltimore for two years, I began writing a novel of the far future. I stopped when I had about 30,000 words. Life intervened. Last year I resurrected a copy that had 24,000 words and started to write. 80,000 words later I had a novel that I am now endeavoring to publish. Its working title is Apostle to the Cats. Someday it may appear here but for now I’m going to concentrate on some of my shorter work in this blog. It isn’t always easy to categorize but it’s mine.

I really appreciate that you’ve read this far. I’m going to post this now and then post a (very) short story as a down payment on my promise to myself to really try to write. Here’s hoping you enjoy the results. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Steve Fritz

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