Climate and Fiction

In the early twenty-first century we are struggling as a species with climate change. The probable changes to Earth’s climate are profound. Some years ago I started a novel, Terraformed Earth – New Millennium, about the distant future impact of this struggle.

Unfortunately I started the novel in the wrong place. The future of Earth didn’t actually appear until chapter six. I decided to reorganize it a bit. The original first chapter became IX Departure, which was published in the anthology Unbound 3 – Goodbye Earth, in September 2019. Chapters two through five became my story Terraformed Earth – Creation.

In Creation I follow the actions of a group of gene-modified children whose parents hope they will find solutions to climate change that have eluded their elders. The gamble pays off, in a way, and sets the table for New Millennium. I plan to publish Creation as a standalone Kindle short story in early 2022.

A critique group I belonged to reviewed Creation. One reviewer said of the discussion in the story between one of the children and an adult researcher reminded her of her breakfast table conversation with her teenage daughter. I’d like Creation to remain fiction, but it may not.