Space Pirates!!!

My Kindle short Red Queen’s Gambit, part of the Worlds of Sol series, is now live on Amazon.

Jill, captain of asteroid freighter Sleipner on a routine cargo run from Mars to Ceres, is shocked out of boredom when Odin, the ship’s AI, detects an unknown ship on an interception course.

Odin informs Jill they are not carrying innocuous Earth soil for the gardens of Ceres declared on the manifest. Instead, the cargo hold contains nuclear warheads for deorbiting asteroids.

The approaching ship radios Sleipner to prepare to be boarded. Jill and Jimmy, Sleipner’s pilot, take refuge in a hidden safe room.

When the pirates blow the airlock, evacuating the ship’s atmosphere, they know their lives are on the line.

With four pirates systematically searching the ship for cargo and crew, and time running out, Jill and Jimmy must find a way to neutralize the invaders and retake Sleipner—if they want to survive.

Worlds of Sol

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