Terraformed Earth

Terraformed Earth is a series that follows Ignatius Xavier Ryan, a Jesuit priest from the twenty-first century, as he travels in time via cryosleep. He’s goes from his impending death from cancer, to a future in which his cancer is cured but his faith is in tatters, to the distant thirty-third century where the environment is pristine but humanity is all but gone.

In TE – Departure, Ignatius awakes from cryosleep with his cancer cured. In a newly conservative church, his resurrection by science gives rise to a public controversy the church wants to avoid, which leads to his banishment into the future, again in cryosleep.

In TE – Creation a group of genomics researchers sculpted the genomes of their children for long life and high intelligence, hoping they would find a solution to climate degradation that had eluded their elders. They found one, but the cost was apocalyptic.

In TE – New Millennium Ignatius arrives after a millennium in cryosleep aboard a spacecraft and finds an Earth with a pristine environment and little sign of humanity. He meets survivors in the environmental remediation center of S’Loo, but the leaders fear his influence and want him dead. Morna, a survivor who is not what she seems, seduces him and shelters him. When he starts asking questions no one wants answered, he has to struggle to save himself, Morna, and Iris, the daughter he never imagined.

In TE – Discovery Ignatius and Morna flee S’Loo for the western refuge of Kaycee. But it’s not the safe haven they expected. When they discover the tribe, humans living apart from the seventeen cities and unknown to the leaders, they fear for their future. He and Morna return to S’Loo where a murder complicates their plans for survival.

Future stories planned for the series include TE – Evolution, which follows the changes in the culture of S’Loo and the pushback from other cities around the globe. TE – Goddess will wrap up the series centuries after the death of Ignatius.