Writing Life

As Summer fades into Fall, I’m trying to get back into writing regularly. Between some medical issues and a prolonged visit to Florida with family, it’s been hard to pay attention.

I’m currently working on two novels that are nearing completion of a first draft.

In Watanabe’s Hammer, astronomers detect Agni, a visitor from extragalactic space, a virtual twin of Oumuamua on a similar trajectory. One astronomer, a former Naval Aviator, finds evidence of a space battle near Agni. He reports this to military authorities and is recruited into an ongoing project to investigate. What he learns will determine the future of humanity.

Fire in the Sky is the story of Will Lafontaine, a young man with a vision of using nuclear warheads to move asteroids from the Belt to Earth. He pitches the idea to Lawrence Summers, his boss at Orbital Resources, a company that mines near-Earth asteroids. Lawrence rebuffs his proposals and Will quits to pursue the project on his own. Lawrence assigns Amanda Stolz, a manager at Orbital, to make sure Will’s vision fails. As Will and Amanda pursue their competing agendas, sparks fly. Can they find common ground before Will’s impulsiveness ruins his project forever?

Stay tuned for more in 2022.

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