It’s Aliiiiive!

Thirty years ago I started my first science fiction novel. I had no idea what I was getting into. Today Terraformed Earth – New Millennium went live on Amazon for pre-order!

Jesuit priest Ignatius Ryan, was banished by his church to the future in cryosleep to quiet a theological controversy, He returns to Earth after a millennium in deep space to find a constellation of military satellites orbiting silently above a pristine environment with little sign of humanity.

On the surface he meets a tiny remnant of humanity locked in a struggle with their gene-modified rulers for control of Earth and their future. To each side he represents both opportunity and threat.

When Grace, the AI who shepherded him through centuries, hacks into a military satellite and fires its laser, the rulers fear Ignatius’ power and decree his death.

Ignatius, feeling abandoned by God and betrayed by the Church, is seduced by Morna, a survivor who is not what she seems. He dreams of a quiet life with her but cannot ignore the events that led to humanity’s disappearance,

Seeking to understand an ancient genocide, Ignatius raises questions no one wants answered. As he struggles to recover his lost faith and find purpose in this new century, he finds love, uncovers dark secrets, faces betrayal, and fights for the life of a daughter he never imagined.

You can order New Millennium here.

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