Distant Future

I’ve been writing short stories as well as novels for a few years now. In 2018 I started getting a little traction. Some of my stories were set so far in the future I wondered if anyone would be willing to publish them. 

A couple of years ago I visited the Salvador Dali museum in Tampa, Florida and was astonished at some of the art on display there, going back to before we were human. I left wondering what an alien might have thought of the museum. With that in mind I wrote The Museum at the End of Time, set in the distant future when the sun has evolved the point where it has wiped life off the face of Earth. On the Moon, still orbiting Earth, a collective alien mind finds a museum of lost humanity.

Last summer Z-Sky put out a call for “eschatological” fiction set in the far future. To my surprise, they chose to publish Museum in their inaugural edition. You should check it out. https://zsky.org/journal/

Emboldened, I sent them Volare, a flash fiction piece written on a canvas that spans billions of years. I was fortunate that they also liked that one and plan to publish it in their Winter edition.

However strange your story is, there’s someone who will be entranced by it. Don’t stop writing.

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