Happy New Year

Welcome to 2021. Last year (I don’t mention names of criminals lest they get publicity for their evil deeds) was, to be charitable, difficult. The Year of House Arrest will forever go down in infamy. 2021 will be better. How can it not?

I did manage to use my time at home to publish a novel and four short stories on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. The novel, Asteroid Gambit, and two of the stories are set win the World of Sol future, where humanity has moved mining and heavy manufacturing into space. Needless to say, conflict has followed. You can find my author page and links to my stories here.

This year I plan to publish a short story and a novel set in a future in which environmental deterioration and war leads to a deliberate genocide. A millennium later Ignatius Ryan, a Jesuit banished to the future by his church awakes from cryosleep in a spaceship to find a pristine environment on Earth. The only evidence of human civilization he can see is a constellation of military satellites in unstable orbits. He learns that a tiny remnant of humans have survived – and they have no use for his antiquated ideas.

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