Android Murders

I posted on Facebook a snippet from a new story that I’ve started working on and it’s generated a lot of comments. I thought it might be fun to post more of the story on this blog and invite everyone to comment on the story and how they would like to see it unfold. I have some ideas of where it should go but I’m so interested in the comments that I’d love to share writing this one with you.

The objective isn’t to have you write a story for me to publish. This will be publicly available so most magazines wouldn’t publish it anyway. I’d really like to see how collaborative effort works and share it with the world. So, read the story so far here. Then post your comments. Feel free to comment on what’s gone before, how you think the writing works, where the story should go next. I will pass along any comments not offensive or abusive (hasn’t been a problem so far, but truth in advertising). Let’s have some fun with it.

Steve Fritz

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