Thanksgiving 2017

Today is a day to give thanks. I am thankful for many things and many people, far too many to list. Most of my blessings revolve around family. To all my family I send thanks for all they do to make my life overflow with blessings.

Of more relevance to this blog, I am thankful that in the summer of 2016 I started writing fiction. My novel, now tentatively named Apostle to the Cats, has been percolating in my head for decades. Now it’s nearly finished and in search of a publisher. But the real blessing had been the outpouring of stories that seem to come from nowhere and fill my head. Some have been written down and posted here. Others are finished but I want to get them published elsewhere. Some are works in progress.  But I plan to continue posting them as fast as feasible so that others can read them.

Thank you for finding this and looking at my stories. Please feel free to leave comments.


Steve Fritz

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