Can you hear the music?

This little snippet arose out of a writing class I was taking at We were given a plain vanilla description of  a sunset and asked to improve it. When I lived in Lawrence Kansas the sunsets were nonpareil.  A professor there told me that the gorgeous sunsets were the future of Kansas since they were caused by Aeolian dust in the atmosphere, blowing into other states. So I wanted a Kansas sunset.

Kansas isn’t the treeless plain that coastals seem to believe (when they can even locate Kansas on a map – Newsweek once published a map of the country with Kansas labelled Nebraska and Nebraska labelled Kansas!) but I wanted a forest. So I moved the setting a little east to the western edge of the Ozarks. Then I got carried away with the sentence and wrote a paragraph. Finally I expanded the piece to give a sense of context.

E voila! Banjo Music.

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